When it comes to getting a good workout, you can find the usual workout clothing from any old department store. But finding good superhero gear is a little more difficult. No, the clothing isn’t shrunken down to the size of an ant! Rest assured that all of our favorite Antman compression clothes are full sized and made from the highest quality materials.

They may not be specially made to shrink you down to the size of an ant. But they’ve got Antman’s signature designs right on front to make you feel like a real hero.

The original Antman went by the name Hank Pym. As a biophysicist, put his knowledge to good use following the death of his wife, Maria. Seeking to battle injustice in any form with the help of Pym Particles, Pym set off to alter his size with a helmet that could control ants. Solving crime even when he’s the size of an ant, Pym went on to work with the Wasp and found the Avengers, up until he took on a few new roles.

The title of Antman has been passed around in the years since Pym moved onto new personas. His successors Scott Lang and Eric O’Grady were using the suit to fulfill their own ideals. Even if Hank Pym doesn’t remain the Antman, his legacy is passed on through his successors who continue to fight injustice. Together, Antman and The Wasp now make an incredible fighting duo.

And while you can’t shrink down and control ants, you can try out Antman’s signature style. Check out our huge selection of Antman Products: