Here at Me Superhero, we stock the best superhero gadgets and accessories that are not only functional, but also fashionable. If you’re looking to showcase your passion for your favorite TV or movie superheroes, look no further and grab yourself some of our awesome gear.

All of our designs are uniquely crafted to express your love for all of your favorite superheroes.  We have everything from cell phone accessories, wearable gadgets, jewelry, and items that are perfect for displaying in your home. We carry everything superhero related and switch our products out to show only the best superhero themed accessories you can find online.

Our Accessories

Are you unsure of what superhero themed accessories you need? Our online store is stacked with a wide arrangement of superhero themed accessories that are tailored exactly to your needs. We offer fully themed superhero accessories that are guaranteed to be in style with some of the most popular superheroes in the universe.  

Listed below are some of the various superhero themed accessories we have to offer;

We also offer a full range of gadgets

Looking for some awesome themed gadgets as well? We also sell a wide variety of superhero themed gadgets that are sure to impress your friends. All of our items are guaranteed to be highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Everyone can use a good gadget every once in awhile. You’re most likely already using cell phone cases, USBs, etc. What's better than just plain old gadgets? How about superhero themed ones? Listed below are some of the various superhero themed accessories we have to offer:

Why choose us?

The Me Superhero team offers the most popular superhero items. All of our products are specifically themed to help you express your passion for all things superhero. We offer flashy accessories as well as subtle accessories such as keychains for the fans who don’t want to stand out too much but still show their superheroes some support.

Along with the best themed superhero accessories, we also offer exciting gadgets that will make brilliant gifts for your family and friends! Other places may sell you themed gear, but they aren’t guaranteed to be fashionable and functional just like your fellow superheroes.


Here is just a handful of the popular superheroes we theme our products after.


Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman! Bruce is one of the most iconic superheroes ever. Bruce is known for his gizmos and gadgets and his quick wits. Who needs super powers when you can easily create whatever you need to beat your opponents? If you want to be like Bruce, you can easily purchase some of our accessories to give you that Batman feel.

Iron Man

Who wouldn’t want to look and feel as cool as Tony Stark? Iron Man is just another one of your ordinary billionaire geniuses who just loves to design high quality tech. Tony runs Stark Industries and fights alongside the Avengers to help save the world from high class villians to extraterrestrial beings who want to take over the earth. If you want to be like Iron Man, go head and look at some of the cool tech based off of this awesome Marvel hero!

Captain America

We all know Steve Rogers as the first one to help form the Avengers. Captain was frozen for almost 70 years and when he came to with superhero strength, he never knew what hit him. He’s full of American pride and is determined to serve justice to any criminal that stands in his way. If you want to have his fashionable red, white, and blue signature colors, then go ahead and check out our wide array of Captain America style compression tops.


Wade Wilson, currently known as Deadpool. While we can’t exactly say you’d want to look like Deadpool, we can suggest some awesome themed gear themed around him. Deadpool is known for his highly explicit jokes and love for chimichangas. He’s genetically enhanced to heal at high rates with power much greater than your average human. His red suit and extraordinary hand to hand combat skills are no match for other heroes.


Thor Odinson, the famous Norse god of thunder and lightning. Thor is the son of Odin and hails from Asgard. He wields one of the mightiest crafted weapons in the universe that almost no other hero can wield. Now currently one of the Avengers, Thor enjoys most of his time saving Earth as well as other planets from extraterrestrial forces. If you want to show your Asgardian pride, go ahead and check out some of our items!