Compression tights are designed with the main purpose of providing you with added support during your favorite sports activities. More than that, they are also thought to reduce injuries and speed up post-workout recovery. Quite impressive, right?

This means you can now feel good, look great, and perform better with our vast range of compression leggings. By wrapping around your body muscles, these leggings support and stabilize your calves, glutes, and thighs which results in higher endurance and stamina in order for you to reach your fitness goals.

However, similar to any other product on the market, there are multiple features to consider before clicking buy! For example, moisture-wicking and flat seam construction are important because they guarantee material breathability, helping you to reduce potential irritation or chafing.

Also, if you’ve ever worn compression tights before, you know that they are quite tight – actually, a lot tighter than your typical running gear. They’re designed to give you the right amount of squeeze in order to get you that little bit further, and faster.

But do you know who else wears tight pants? Superheroes of course! That’s right, and now it’s time for you to let your style speak. After all, what can possibly be cooler than looking like your favorite childhood hero?

Product DNA

There are multiple reasons for which you may choose these products, obviously, apart from the badass look they’ll give you!

In addition to the lightweight design and flexible materials which help you feel unobstructed by clothes which wear you down, there are also health benefits which deserve merit. Our quick-dry superhero powered leggings wick sweat away from the body, in other words preventing chafing and nasty rashes. Also, because compression hosiery applies firm and continuous pressure to the muscles and veins in your legs, it encourages blood to flow up the leg. This helps relieve symptoms or aching legs.

In addition to this, the other benefits of support and compression hosiery include:

Our products allow you to embody the very superheroes that you love, training during the day to protect the world from evil masterminds at night!

Here are some of your options:

Your Favorite Superheroes


The deep-voiced character we’ve all come to love is introduced by a sad background story. After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, Bruce Wayne spends years of his life training physically and mentally to one day avenge his lost parents.

Although it’s not the only reason millions have come to adore him, Bruce Wayne is well-known for his bat-themed costume with which he fights dangerous and elusive criminals. We know that you’re not planning on waging war on Gotham, but you can still complete your training while impersonating one of the bigger comic-book characters of all time!

Black Panther

The Black Panther (T’Challa) is the first biological son of T'Chaka, King of the African Nation of Wakanda. Because of a special heart-shaped herb, T’Challa’ enhances his abilities to superhuman levels, showing off some impressive aerobics and jaw-dropping fighting techniques.

Captain America

Viewed as the pinnacle of human physical perfection, Captain America – also known as Steve Rogers -- is a master of martial arts, boxing, and judo. What makes him unique is that this patriotic soldier is a long-standing symbol of freedom and hope. That’s why he was frozen and then awoken years later -- so he can to continue his fight for liberty in the unsafe future threatening the American nation.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball features the amazing adventures of Goku, who is turned into a child and, along with his faithful friends, defends the world against evil villains. Goku is followed from childhood as he trains in martial arts while searching the world to find seven orbs, which will let him summon a powerful wish-granting dragon.

The Flash

The story focuses on Barry Allen, a police scientist known for being slow and frequently late for work. It all changes, though, when a lightning bolt shatters a case containing chemicals, releasing a mixture which transforms him into the Flash. Unmatched in his speed, Barry becomes Central City's resident costumed crime fighter.

Green Lantern

Surrounded by profound cosmic mythology and a complex back story, Green Lantern – otherwise known as Hal Jordan – is a former Air Force pilot who wears the most powerful ring in the Universe. With the ability to create whatever his mind desires, out of pure energy, Green Lantern joins an Intergalactic police force to protect the world.

Iron Man

This fictional Marvel superhero is a wealthy American business magnate and innovative scientist who becomes Iron Man after being captured and held prisoner. After suffering a life-threatening injury, Stark augments a suit which allows him to become a “cool exec with a heart of steel”.

Reverse Flash

Every good story has a compelling supervillain. Eobard Thawne, otherwise known as professor Zoom or Reverse Flash, is the archenemy of the beloved Barry Allen.


After being bitten by a spider, Peter Parker is no longer just your average student. He now has superhuman strength, reflexes, and balance. The icing on the cake is a subconscious ability to sense everything in his surroundings, which he calls "spider-senses".


Born as Kal-El on the planet Krypton, Clark Kent was rocketed to Earth as an infant by his father Jor-El. Superman has super-everything, ranging from flight to invulnerability. This is one superhero no villain would want to take on in a one on one fight!


Don’t forget that all of our products are custom designed and you will probably need a size 1x or 2x larger than your usual running clothes. However, if you have any doubts about what size would be ideal for you, you can easily find out using our simple size guide!