Our women’s compression tank tops at Me Superhero are designed to provide an optimum range of motion for your upper limbs when you are working out. They are especially useful for boosting upper body workouts because they hug your curves and ensure full torso compression while supporting your chest, core, shoulders and arms.

By virtue of their compressive nature, these shirts apply surface pressure which enhances the supply of blood to the muscle groups of the upper body. This leads to an increased delivery of oxygen to the muscle groups being worked. As a result, you will experience improved core body power, performance and control as well as a lowered risk of injury.

In addition to improving the supply of oxygen to your muscles, the increased blood flow also results in reducing the buildup of lactic acid in the exercising muscles. The result is that you will be able to workout at a higher intensity for a longer duration.

Athletes who use these specialized garments also attest to the fact that they experience less muscle pain after their exercise sessions. In this way, your compression tank top is beneficial to your body both during and after a workout.

Though our compression tank tops are beautiful enough to be worn on their own, they are also versatile enough to be worn as layering pieces. Their fitting design ensures that they do not ride up underneath clothing. Their special material ensures that they provide a cozy fit and can even be worn without a bra.

Other advantages of our compression clothing include the fact that they are made from breathable fabric that enhances airflow. This exceptional material also stretches to improve your performance. The flat seams of the garment ensure that it is comfortable and give it a smooth feel on your body.

In addition to these benefits, our modern workout gear also offer aesthetic benefits. This is because they make muscles appear more toned which serves as some much-needed pure motivation to continue exercising and keep going!

When compared to the loose sweatpants, oversized T-shirts and other baggy exercise clothing of days gone by, the form-fitting nature of our compression tank tops identifies them as modern workout wear for the 21stt century. It is important to note that even though they are not loose, these trendy workout attires are also comfortable because they support the body.

Our compression garments can be utilized by athletes of all levels and in a wide variety of sports that range from playing basketball to cycling, running and training in the gym.

Superhero Tank Tops

All our tank tops are made from a quick dry material which keeps sweat away from the body during the workout. This fabric also makes sure that you stay dry even after a rigorous workout and in so doing, it ensures that you do not develop sores and other skin irritations. By pulling moisture away from the body, these garments also keep you cooler when working out in a hot environment as they let the heat escape. In addition to working as a coolant, they also keep you warmer when you are exercising in a cold environment.

This special material also prevents workout strain by keeping your muscles warm when you are exercising. As a result, you are able to resume your normal day to day activities after working out with ease.

Our trendy compression tank tops have great designs which make you not only look good while exercising, but also feel good. For our custom designed superhero tank tops, we advocate buying one that is 2 times larger than your normal size to avoid over-compressing yourself. For the best results, follow our size guide so that you can order your perfect fit.

Wonder Woman

Princess Diana of Themyscira a.k.a. Diana Prince and more commonly known as Wonder woman, has been the epitome of beauty, brains and brawn since her inception in 1941. This Amazonian heroine has motivated many girls and women who read her comics, bought her action figures and watched her movies.

Inspire yourself by donning our wonder woman compression tank top in your next workout session. It will keep you dry as you exercise while keeping the muscles of your torso warm which will reduce the likelihood of straining them. This beautiful, sleek and sleeveless workout top can be worn for a wide range of sporting activities both inside and outside the gym.   


Wade Winston Wilson who is more commonly known as a Deadpool, is a skilled fighter with an accelerated healing capability. Though he is physically disfigured and mentally unstable, his physical prowess in numerous combat techniques can inspire you to be the best in your chosen sport or exercise activity. Our Deadpool compression tank top decreases the time it takes for your muscles to repair themselves after exercising which is somewhat akin to Deadpool’s healing ability, and it can help keep muscle strain at bay by keeping your muscles warm as you exercise.


Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark who is more commonly known as Ironman, is a suave executive and ingenious scientist. He sustains severe chest injury when he is being abducted. His kidnappers try to make him create a destructive weapon but instead he makes a high-tech suit which he uses to escape. This modern day knight also fights for the rights of others using while wearing his powered, armored suit. Emulate him and wear our Ironman tank top during your next workout session. Made from material that keeps you cool during your workout, you will be able to execute your moves as cool as he does his and feel like a superhero as you do it.


X-men are mutants or a special species of humans born with special gifts and abilities. Led by Charles Xavier or Professor X, they have dedicated their lives to using their superhuman powers to keep humans and other mutants safe by maintain peace between them. Keep yourself safe during your next exercise session by wearing our X-men compression tank top since its special material will keep you safe from chaffing and other skin irritations. This wonderfully designed tank top will also mix well with our wide selection of leggings.