Do you ever get that feeling after watching your favorite superhero movie or TV show that you wish you could be like them? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all get that feeling from time to time. Being a superhero would be amazing, indeed. They get to fight crime, kick butt, and save the world all in a fully functional and fashionable outfit.

Ladies, what if we told you that you could also literally look and feel like a superhero? Sadly, we can’t give you superhuman strength, magical powers, or amazing tech, but we can offer you women’s compression shirts that can help you rock your favorite superhero’s styles.

These compression tops are fully functional and fashionable, just like your favorite heroes. They give the perfect balance between support and functionality, which is ideal for all your daily activities.

What Are Compression Tops and How Are They Beneficial?

A compression top is designed to help increase your body’s ability to pump more blood and oxygen to your muscles. This process helps improve your total workout performance and shorten the recovery time needed for your body to heal. Studies have shown that by increasing blood circulation throughout the body helps the working muscles to be able to do more work for an extended period of time.

What about the gym? Yes, compression tops are perfect for the gym. Wearing a compression top gives you a huge enhancement because you’ll be able to work out even harder, for longer. These are especially beneficial if you’re lifting weights.

If you’re looking for cardio gear then compression tops are also for you. The material is very breathable and lets the air flow, meaning you won't have to worry about feeling hot and sweaty. No one likes to workout rigorously and have their shirt covered in sweat. With a compression shirt, you just simply won’t have that problem anymore.

Lastly, if you have a desk job or a job that requires or causes very minimal movement, a compression shirt is very useful. Compression shirts help with overall body blood circulation, thus leaving your body feeling more relaxed and less stiff. This is extremely helpful for people with back, shoulder, and joint problems.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose Me Superhero because we want to give fashionable and fun yet high-quality gear. We offer one of the largest selections of superhero-themed compression apparel for both men and women partnering up with the carefully selected manufacturers around the globe. These compression tops are specifically designed to help enhance your day and workouts.

Unlike other companies, we offer a wide variety of topnotch superhero-themed compression shirts. Our large selection of women’s compression tops offer designs you wouldn’t want to pass up on. We offer a variety of different styles of compression shirts, from long-sleeved to short-sleeved.

Each compression shirt has their own unique product DNA which lists the benefits of that particular product. This will help you easily find what you need. Where else are you going to get superhero-themed gear with such quality?

Superhero-Styled Gear

There are so many different superheroes to choose from. In recent years, the TV and movie industries have been taking over with their superhero cinematics. It’s lucky for you that we stock our website with the most popular superheroes.

The Flash

Barry Allen is our favorite speedster. While he isn’t the fastest speedster around, he’s one of the most popular. Barry is fast, and we mean super-fast. He moves at the speed of light and can even travel back in time. He’s so quick that he can even faze through objects in the blink of an eye. If you adore this scarlet speedster, we have a huge collection of The Flash’s signature colors, along with other speedster designs too. You’ll even start to feel like you’re one of Star Labs’ newest members.


Kara Zor-L is one of the sweetest yet strongest girls from Krypton. She’s the cousin of Superman and was sent to Earth to protect him. After a delayed landing, she realized that when she arrived on Earth, Clark was no longer a little boy who needed protecting. Kara decided that living her life like a normal human was nearly impossible. Supergirl can do everything Superman can and she doesn’t need anyone to depend on. She’s one of the fastest, strongest, and cutest superheroes out there. While we can’t offer you her superhuman strength, beam eyes, or her ability to fly, we can offer you the signature themes of the Kryptonian family.

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is one of the earliest superheroes to be in development. Who can forget Hal Jordan with his powerful green ring? He has sworn with the power he holds that he would keep intergalactic order. With the power of the ring and his outfit, the Green Lantern is ready to take on any action required to protect the world. If you want to feel like you’re part of the Green Lantern team, then go ahead and check out our Green Lantern-inspired compression wear.

Captain America

We all know Steve Rogers as the first one to help form the Avengers. Capt was frozen for almost 70 years, and when he came to with superhero strength, he never knew what hit him. He’s full of American pride and is determined to serve justice to any criminal that stands in his way. If you want to have his fashionable red, white, and blue signature colors, then go ahead and check out our wide array of Captain America-style compression tops.


Peter Parker is, of course, also known as Spider-Man. Peter was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider that gave him strange yet extraordinary powers. That was just the boost he needed to use his smarts to become Spider-Man. Peter is extremely intelligent and designs his own outfit and gear. From helping people with daily tasks or fighting big-time criminals, Peter is always doing his best to make a change in the world.