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Superman is not the only surviving Kryptonian, his cousin Kara Zor-el has arrived to the scene, a bit late. Supergirl last saw Superman when he was just a baby and had no idea so many years have passed by or what has happened to the rest of her family.

Supergirl has grown fondly in the hearts of many. In fact, she has steadily increased in popularity, rightfully earning her one of the top superhero spots.

Forced to comprehend this new world and her part in it, Supergirl remains a mystery in many aspects. Who will she grow up to be? Will she follow in the footsteps of her cousin or become something else entirely? Supergirl has an infinite potential within her that she has yet to discover herself.

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Infused with a teenage mentality and rebellious spirit due to her young age, Supergirl is freshly encountering Earth. Under the guidance of Superman, she is learning to pave her path amidst many emotional and physical discoveries. Being a teenager with the magnificent powers of a superhero is a dangerous and exciting combination.

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