The Flash Compression Shirts and Leggings


Whether you’re a man or a woman, there’s nothing better for working out than wearing clothing with your favorite hero on it. Especially if you’re planning on running, a shirt with the emblem of the Flash is sure to get you pushing that extra bit more!

Our Flash compression shirts and leggings will give you that extra spark during your exercises. Choose from shirts in red or black with the classic symbol of the Flash, with options in both long and short sleeves. No matter what time of the year it is, you’ll be able to work out with ease.

You can even find some compression leggings that’ll help you zoom by even faster with your workout. Our compression shirts and compression leggings range for men do a lot more for you than look great, though.

Even if you won’t end up with super speed, you might just cut down on the time each lap usually takes. This is in part because of how our workout gear is made. Everything is meant to fit you snugly and to fit well, hugging the contours of your body without making you feel overheated.

You’ll feel the fabric on you compress those muscles, improving your blood circulation and relieving your tired body. Especially after a long time running, you’ll be able to recover faster so you can put on another boost of speed for the next leg of your run.

There are few brands of workout gear that feel as good as ours, with a comfortable fit and breathable fabric. If you’re having a little trouble, take a look at our sizing guide for help and you’ll be off and running just like the Flash.

The Flash himself didn’t start out fast either, so don’t worry if it takes you a little while to get up to the speed you want. You won’t have to deal with spilt chemicals like he did, though, which gave him his signature super speed with super-fast reflexes to match.

Barry Allen, one of the 4 incarnations of the Flash, is probably the most well-known. Believe it or not, he was pretty slow himself at first. Improve your speed day by day and soon enough, you might start feeling fast enough too! 

Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash is the common enemy of all incarnations of The Flash. Reverse Flash and The Flash basically have the same power, which is basically why they’re both enemies. Just like The Flash, Reverse Flash isn’t just one person. 

The first man to have used the name Reverse Flash was Edward Clariss and the second one was Eobard Thawne. However, it doesn’t end there, there were more Reverse Flashes that came after them.

If you’re a fan of this supervillain, we also have compression gear such as shirts and leggings dedicated to him. Now you can sport your favorite villain in your everyday life.


Hunter Zolomon was the third Reverse Flash, one who was the archenemy of Wally West. He named himself Zoom, which he took inspiration from Professor Zoom, who was a time traveller who did his best to make The Flash’s life miserable.

As a result, Zoom also also made an effort to make Wally West’s life miserable. However, in the New 52 comics, Eobard Thawne was the one who became the Zoom. Similar to Reverse Flash, we also have compression leggings and shirts inspired by this villain.

For the shirts, you have the option to choose between long sleeves or short sleeves.

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