With our Green Lantern workout apparel, you can achieve anything! Our compression workout clothing for men help gives you the willpower to push through and meet your goals. Our fitness clothing range is affordable, comfortable and made with high-quality materials.

Who wouldn’t want the power to create anything and control it with their mind? As the Green Lantern, all you need is imagination and willpower to be able to master the power of the ring. With our clothing, you can channel your favorite superhero and feel just like one!

Over time, the Green Lantern has been more than just one person. To this day, the limits of the ring have not been defined. Anyone that wears the ring will be able to use it, as long as they have the willpower. The possibilities are endless, just like the possibilities with our compression clothing!

Imagine being able to travel long distances as quickly as the Green Lantern. Or being able to translate any language no matter where you are! While the rings do not heal injuries, they provide shields. That is exactly what our clothing does for your muscles and skin during your workouts!

Many people believe that the ring gives the wearer any power, but this is not true. The power of the ring depends on who is wearing it. The ring works based off of the wearers’ strengths and weaknesses. While wearing our clothing, you will feel unstoppable.

At Me Superhero, we believe you can channel your alter ego and be comfortable as well. You can achieve a complete Green Lantern look with our range. Choose from our range, such as: