Black Panther Compression Shirts and Leggings


What makes Black Panther so impressive? Besides his super strength, courage and fighting skills - his style! Now you can look just as good during your workouts in our Black Panther compression clothes.

They’re made from only the highest quality materials and feel just as amazing as they look. Our wide selection of gym clothes has designs that are inspired by and mimic the design of his sleek, super suit. Also, they help support your body while reaching your fitness goals.

T’Challa (A.K.A. Black Panther) is not only a fierce fighter in combat, but he’s also incredibly smart and extremely wealthy. He spends much of his time rigorously training his body and studying science.

He uses types of highly-advanced technology to protect and better his home nation in Africa, Wakanda, where he’s also the king. His intelligence and strength are further enhanced by drinking the essence of a rare, heart-shaped herb native to his homeland.

The title of Black Panther is only given to the leader of the tribe. As Black Panther, T’Challa’s duty to protect Wakanda and its precious supply of powerful vibranium from the outside world.

T’Challa takes great pride in his heritage and the traditions of those who came before him. He strives to only use his strengths and powers for good and always fight for justice.

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