In her sleek black outfit, the Black Widow possesses the martial arts, sniper and fighting skills to take down anyone in her way. It’s impossible not to notice her style when she appears on the big screen or in the classic comics. With our compression clothes, it’s possible to have that same style for yourself!

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Natasha Romanov got her start as a Russian agent. After falling in love with the superhero archer, Hawkeye, she eventually defects to the US later on. She’s beautiful, but don’t let her beauty fool you. Natasha excels in sniper skills, the usage of high-tech gadgets, and martial arts. She’s done battle against even the toughest fighters, including the Avengers, before she actually joins them as a hero herself.

Natasha keeps her persona of the Black Widow as she begins to work as an agent of SHIELD under Nick Fury. She eventually fights against HYDRA and withstanding even torture. She’s fought with many agencies and heroes, including Daredevil, while remaining independent and tough the entire time.

What woman wouldn’t want to be like the Black Widow? She’s intelligent, strong, and beautiful too, with skills that can take down any hero or villain out there. You might not want to mimic Black Widow’s intense training regiment. But you can pick up your own in Black Widow compression gear meant to make your workout that much more effective.