Despite his lack of sight, Daredevil is one of the strongest heroes out there. He doesn’t need his vision to help him get around, but you might want to keep yours open when you’re running around on your workouts.

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Daredevil may be blind. But with his remaining four senses, he’s got superhuman accuracy and sensitivity. He's more than capable of surpassing a sighted person’s skills. He’s so efficient that many other characters have no idea that he can’t see, especially with his radar sense. Sometimes, his senses are a little too strong as powerful sounds or odors can immobilize him. But he isn’t powerless by any means.

Using his martial arts, Daredevil is known as one of the best heroes. He doesn't need excessive or unbelievable superpowers. Matt Murdock’s signature baton is perfect for fighting. Or even blending in as a blind man’s cane when he’s a civilian, masquerading as a skilled and respected New York attorney. Not only is he a strong hero, but he’s a skilled detective, tracker and interrogation expert. Not to mention an expert marksman too.

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