Which character in the Marvel universe is the single most powerful magic user, one of the smartest heroes and rocks the best goatee? Despite Tony Stark having a more than impressive goatee himself, the answer is none other than Doctor Strange. Now you too can feel all powerful with our wide collection of Strange-inspired compression workout wear. They’re designed to ensure a comfortable feel all day, keeping you cool for when you go full blown sorcerer.

The mighty avengers may be tasked with defending earth from the threats of our universe. But only Doctor Strange protects our world from even bigger threats that come from beyond the multiverse. He experienced a devastating car crash that rendered his hands useless for surgery. In his quest for salvation, he comes across the ancient one (the ultimate master of the mystic arts) who teaches him how to master the mystical arts.

Now he’s Doctor Strange, guardian of the sanctum sanctorum that protects our world from other worldly threats. He’s unmatched at his craft as both a sorcerer and a hero, able to go toe to toe with Thanos himself without breaking a sweat. There’s no question that Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe.

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