Green Arrow Compression Shirts



This isn’t the archer with the band of merry men. This is the Green Arrow - protector of Star City and invaluable member to the Justice League. When he isn’t out and about fighting bad guys, you can bet he’s in his Arrow cave training hard in his very own set of compression clothes. You just know the Green Arrow has mad style because when he isn’t wearing the mask, he’s out partying a wild life as Oliver Queen, playboy and entrepreneur.

Made from the highest quality fabrics, our compression clothing kicks the ball out of the park with a wide selection of workout gear to choose from. Feel great with these compression clothes and work out feeling like the Emerald Archer himself.

Born into a life of wealth, Oliver Queen is the owner of the family-owned Queen Industries, a company mainly involved in technology. It may not be evident that the Green Arrow has access to tech because of the traditional weapon he wields. But as soon as he takes out his specialized arrows, you’ll regret doubting the power of the bow and arrow. The Green Arrow has been seen shooting arrows with specialized tips such as explosive tips, grappling hooks, flash bombs, and even tear gas.

In the comic, the mantle of the Green Arrow has been worn by more than one person. Oliver Queen’s son, Connor Hawke, has also had the privilege to bear the title of the Green Arrow, albeit a short run. The Green Arrow has been known to work with a number of notable characters such as the Black Canary, Green Lantern, the Flash, and even Batman.

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