Harley Quinn embodies smarts and strength. So we’ve taken that model to make a collection of activewear that uses smart design to make your workouts more effective. Our gear is going to up your gym game, and make you want to work out more. When exercise makes you feel good, you want to do it more. Enter our compression wear: comfortable, stylish, engineered to optimize your work out!

It's hard to pass up a superhero (or villain, or antihero) with a PhD. Here we have Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, or Harley Quinn. Imagine the mad scientist, but more motivated and way sexier. With a genius level intelligence and expertise as a gymnast, she’s a dynamic force and tough to beat. Originally grown from the role of Joker’s rouge psychiatrist and paramour, she has come into her own. Motivated to understand her own family's dark issues, she trained in psychology. She's working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, when she meets Joker as her patient. She leaves as his cheerfully deranged accomplice.

She's known for her physical prowess and intellectual but mad criminal insight. She’s a hugely dynamic pillar for DC.  As ⅓ of the Gotham City Sirens and part time lover to Poison Ivy, she’s unpredictable but deadly accurate. She even becomes the goodie version of herself and joins with Superman and Wonder Woman to try and kill Hitler. And seriously, Harley Quinn makes scary insanely sexy.

When you want to make your workouts feel smart and sexy, check out our Harley Quinn activewear collection.