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"Hulk is strongest one there is!" He’s often compared to Thor in terms of strength and power. But he wasn't always so strong. Bruce Banner begins his story as genius researcher and scientist, withdrawn and physically weak. After exposure to gamma rays, we get our staple superhero Hulk.  But through his escapades, Bruce Banner struggles with control over his primordial alter ego. Perhaps no superhero has gone through the branching metamorphoses like the Hulk. And thus, his appeal: a super strong hero, reinvented and evolved, while showing subtle signs of human nature in his appearance.

From fighting Lou Gehrig's disease to taking on the world, Hulk conquers. It's no wonder he's the obsession of children and adults of all ages. While Bruce Banner struggles to maintain control of Hulk, he doesn't avoid engaging and enhancing his colossal alter ego. Thus leading to the wild rides Hulk takes in and out of this world.