These days, we've come to love our super villains as much as our heroes. The Joker is a pioneer in staple villains growing into dominant roles. If your workouts are getting dull, it's time to inject a little crazy into them.  Your workouts deserve crazy good performance gear, and you deserve to have some fun with it too.

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For over 70 years, the Joker has brought audiences a mixture of insanity and dark amusement. While the Joker we know today is undeniably dark and sharp, the Comics Code of the 1950's had other ideas. For nearly a decade, the Joker endured a demotion to class clown before returning to his dark villainy.

While the Joker enjoys reinventing the story of his past, his most consistent history is his debut as Red Hood. His criminal upstart is that of a thief, and a heist gone wrong. While escaping from Batman, he's submerged in a toxic vat. This led to the twisted visage that eventually drives him insane.

Uniquely deranged, nobody catches our curiosity quite like the Joker. Often with no clear motive or logic behind his plots, he thrives on chaos and destruction. His haunted grin remains a deep seated, and insidious symbol of a psychological and zany villain.

Our Joker Superhero activewear includes: