Loki Compression Shirts


The Norse god of mischief is cunning, ruthless and extremely intelligent. Strutting his royal pride, he looks amazing from Jotunjeim to Asgard. It may be a bit difficult to become Loki but it’s not hard to look as great as him with our Loki-inspired compression clothing. Our Loki compression clothing are not only stylish and fashionable. They also play a functional role in physical activities. Made of the best quality materials, get your own Loki compression clothing to wear on your road to fitness.

Adopted by Odin himself, Loki was originally of the Frost Giants, the cold-blooded race that lived in Jotunheim. At an early age, Loki knew he could not compete with the physical prowess and moral compass of his brother, Thor. Instead, he chose to become adept at using magic as his brother focused on wielding Mjolnir, the hammer.

Loki uses his powers for illusions and mischief more often than not. Aside from energy projections, force fields, and sensory manipulations, he is also able to shapeshift into the form of any animal. While magic is indeed Loki’s area of specialty, he has also been seen in the comics wielding spears, whips, and even a sword. Loki is also equipped with magical items such as scepters and magical stones.

If you’re counting how many times Loki has died in the past, then maybe you’re going to lose count. Loki has developed different ways of cheating death over the years. He needs to stay alive to fulfill his mission - to sow discord and chaos. It was him who caused Ragnarok, the end of days in Asgard.

Being Loki is more than a dream come true. For you, it can very well be reality with our compression clothing.