Naruto Compression Shirts


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Naruto, teen ninja and born leader, is the envy of the manga world. At his birth, he was endowed with the force of the Nine-Tails. This was sealed within him in order for him to draw upon it later in life when it was necessary to call it forth and use it in battle. However, having the Nine-Tails sealed within him causes him to be shunned by the people in the village of Konoha. This is the village that was previously destroyed by the power of the Nine-Tails. He spends his time striving to become a shinobi, or ninja. While also trying to win over the adoration of the villagers and become their Hokage, or village leader. The Hokage is usually the strongest shinobi in the village. And Naruto is determined to prove this to his fellow citizens.

Naruto exhibits many heroic traits. One of it is perseverance in the face of adversity through his struggle in gaining acceptance in Konoha. He also shows his courage when defending Hanata Hyuga, a stranger at the time, from bullies at school. Throughout the well-loved anime series, Naruto grows ever stronger in strength and in character.

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