Imagine looking like your favorite superhero Nightwing while working out. Nightwing gear has arrived at our stores, and they are made with only the best of materials for heroes of all shapes and sizes. Specially made to prevent chafing and wick away sweat while working out, you will find only the best of workout apparel here at Me Superhero.

Batman took Nightwing under his wing when the tragic murder of the boy’s parents happened in front of his eyes. With time, the lad grew to accompany Batman as his renown sidekick, Robin.

However, after his dark and strict upbringing under the tutorship of Batman, the now ex-Robin sought his path. In this new path, he went by the name of Nightwing. Trying to hold true to his motto, Nightwing also wants to avoid becoming isolated, controlling and broody like his mentor.

Now a respected hero in his own right, Nightwing’s symbol has become well-known for its simplicity and coolness.

Only die-hard fans will know that the Nightwing name can be associated with two legendary superheroes: Batman and Superman. The Nightwing name has been employed by other heroes, excluding Dick Grayson, such as Chris Kent. Superman also took up this identity when he was stranded with Jimmy Olsen on the Kryptonian city of Kandor.

Our store is steadily growing in a variety of merchandise. It has seen a boost of incredible products all related to superheroes. After all, who does not like the superhero series?

Currently, Nightwing has had three outfit designs throughout his short career. Here at Me Superhero, you can find the most famous of his two designs in cool blue or fiery red. Both of these designs have a black background. Look stylish while porting your favorite superhero character proudly on your chest.

All products are custom-made and feature sweat-wicking material. This prevents rashes while keeping your muscles extra warm to reduce unnecessary strain. Me Superhero has the following trendy apparels available with the famous Nightwing symbol in two versions of his outfit for men: