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Robin himself is also known as “Boy Wonder,” but he is commonly thought of as Batman’s sidekick. They are often referred to as the “Caped Crusaders” or the “Dynamic Duo.” The character of Robin went through several transitions throughout the Batman series. In one version, Bruce Wayne witnessed the death of Robin’s parents at the hands of criminals. He then took Robin under his wing and offered guidance through this tough period of time. Another version has Batman again aiding an orphaned Robin.

Regardless of Robin’s origin or background, he proved time and again to be a reliable asset to Batman. His skills in detective work, martial arts, combat, and technology make him a valuable source of intelligence. He’s certainly a worthwhile companion for Batman. As an acrobat in his parents’ circus act prior to their deaths, he was able to bring those skills with him to aid Batman in his crime-fighting ordeals.

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