Sinestro Compression Shirts


Preferring Sinestro over his nemesis Green Lantern? Being the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps at one time, his prowess was so great that he became a mentor to numerous rookie lanterns. Our quick dry compression shirt that wicks sweat away from your body is as amazing as it sounds. Preventing chafing and rashes, you can protect your muscles from straining during workouts as it also keeps your muscles warm. 

Thaal Sinestro was already dedicated to preserving order in his previous career as an anthropologist. He also specialized in the reconstruction of long-dead civilizations. Early on, he encounterd an injured and apparently dying Green Lantern. Because of this, he found a deeper but twisted calling. At the height of his career, he was considered the greatest of all the Green lanterns. He helped eliminate lawlessness and crime in Space Sector 1417 under his watch.

 Sinestro eventually started employing more questionable behavior and tactics due to a prophecy. This prophecy said that there would be chaos and he would fall from grace. His harsh tactics started leading to threats on his family from Korugarians but that didn't stop him from being a dictator.

He was only exposed when Hal Jordan called for help from other Green Lanterns. By using his power as a Green Lantern to instill fear rather than combat it, Sinestro was banished to the antimatter universe. It was here that he eventually started to hate and seek revenge against the Guardians and all Green Lanterns.

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