Spawn Compression Shirts


So you want to be an antihero who’s also included in Wizards magazine’s list of the Top 200 Comic Book Characters of All Time? Go with the famous hellspawn, Spawn. With our Spawn short sleeve compression shirt for men, you can now workout your way to being a badass yourself. Unleash your alter ego and save the earth from Armageddon. Or simply save your workout day with our quick dry short sleeve compression shirt.

Albert Francis “Al” Simmons was a highly trained marine who was promoted to a highly classified unit within the CIA black ops. He was then killed by his friend hired by Chapel and was subsequently sent to hell because of his life as an assassin. Brought back to Earth after making a deal to see his wife again, Al discovered that five years had passed. His wife has since been married to his best friend. After this, the Violator revealed the purpose of his resurrection but was interrupted by Malebolgia.

Now, he's known as Spawn. As an antihero, his decades of military training helped him face street thugs, gangs and angelic warriors hunting him. Struggling to break free of Hell’s control and regain control of himself, Spawn battles armies of demons and angels to redeem himself.

Envious of Spawn’s fighting skills and endurance? Achieve your dream physique with the aid of Me Superhero's range for your workout sessions and trainings. Just like Spawn battling demons, battle your own demons with style and strength. Here is some Spawn inspired merch to help up your gym game.