What makes Thanos a badass? He not only killed your favorite superheroes in Infinity War. He also boosted his strength and powers with scientific knowledge. One of the most heartless, insane and powerful supervillain in the Marvel universe, there is no stopping Thanos from getting what he wants. Now, you get to be badass as well and get what you want with our Thanos compression clothes. Our gym gear is made from the highest quality of material to help you gain physical strength. These compression clothes are backed up with science to help you reach your full potential.

Born on one of Saturn’s moons, Titan, Thanos was already aware of being different from his fellow Titans, even though he was treated fairly. He was fascinated with nihilism and death during his adolescence and grew deeply attracted to Mistress Death. This eventually led to him mercilessly killing millions of his own race. He did this by conducting a nuclear bombardment just to please and champion Death.

Thanos sure knows how to win a woman’s heart. As he fell in love with the female embodiment of death, he is willing and determined to destroy all of existence to win her love. And there is no stopping him. He is immensely powerful with his cosmic energy.

Fancy being a cosmic supervillain? Me Superhero offers a variety of compression clothes to channel your inner Thanos during your workout sessions and/or training. Designed to augment your chances in reaching your fitness goals, here are a variety of compression clothes inspired by Thanos: