Some things are just destined to be together: Ant-Man and The Wasp. As well as exercising and comfortable workout wear. Now you can look just as fly as the winsome Wasp in our range of compression clothing. They are made with a patented comfortable material designed to keep you working out better and for longer.

The Wasp has a wide range of wicked powers. Just like her Ant-Man counterpart, she has the ability to shrink and grow at will. But it doesn’t stop there, she also has the ability to release concussive blasts or “stings” that, even in her small size, pack one hell of a wallop. Along with being able to fly to and telepathically communicate/control insects, The Wasp is a fierce heroine. Anybody going toe to toe with this gal better be ready for a world of hurt. 

The original Wasp got her powers, thanks to Hank Pym after an interdimensional monster killed her father. Pym gave The Wasp A.K.A Hope van Dyne the same size shrinking abilities as him in order to help avenge her father. After an epic battle defeating the monster, Hope van Dyne jumped into a life of crime fighting using her powers to capture and defeat criminals. The first mistake any criminal can make is underestimating this devastating hero.

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