Me Superhero has done it again and brings you a new selection of superhero workout clothes. These will keep your exercise routine in style and at the highest level of comfort possible. Say hello to Venom!

Our apparel is made of only the best quality materials that keep sweat off you, reducing wetness and increasing comfort. Our sweat-wicking technology prevents rashes during those harsh workouts. Our materials allow your muscles to stay warm. As a result, this avoids unnecessary strain during vigorous routines. Enjoy all these benefits while looking like the awesome and tantalizing Venom.

Venom is a sentient alien Symbiote with an amorphous, liquid-like form that is the darkest of blacks. This alien liquid requires a host, and it usually prefers a human to bond with for its survival. Considered one of the greatest threats against humanity, understanding how to kill him has continued to be elusive. Once the alien bonds with its host, they start referring to themselves as Venom.

This impressive menace is most famously characterized by a dark black outfit with white markings. These markings are usually those of a spider or spider web. Venom has taken many hosts, including both women and men.

When the host is free, the Symbiote survives to take on another host afterwards. Some of the most famous hosts of Venom have been Flash Thompson, Lee Price, and Anne Weying.

Venom usually has its most notorious appearances in the different Spider Man movies. Keep an eye out for this dark alien’s return, either with a past host or a new one. Work out with a style that is both dark and attractive in any of our Venom themed gear. Find the original style of Venom or a more modern pattern. Let your friends know that villains have to keep up their physique as well, not just superheroes.

Show off your dark side with any of the following Venom workout apparel. These will complement your style while letting you outperform those around you: